#HolyLeague2018 — The Call for the Formation of an International Alliance to oppose the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Mindful that God gives His servants visions and inspirations to guide the faithful in future trials and tribulations, we consider it a duty before God to heed the call of Pope John Paul II and organize an alliance of arms and prayer to check the Islamic Invasion of Europe, by means of working to convince nations of Europe to enter into diplomatic agreement to achieve this.

It is a duty before God for the whole Church and all of Europe, because God would not have inspired this prophetic vision if He did not want to protect Europe from the threat of Islam. And thus, having given the inspiration, He will give the grace to heed the call of the Pope to defend Europe. But we must do our part!

We must especially pay attention to the words of the Pope, “a deadly wound: deeper and more painful than those of this century!” — Given that those totalitarian regimes waged wars which killed tens of millions of Europeans and Christians.  Its clear, then, from the context and the customary sense of the Italian, that the phrase:  “Not with arms, but with prayer, because arms will not be enough” is to be understood as, “Not with arms alone, but with prayer, because arms alone will not be enough”.

For that reason, the #HolyLeague2018 initiative is proposed as a Social Movement to organize a comprehensive response: a religious, diplomatic, military, security, and humanitarian effort among European NGOs and Nations to work in a multifaceted manner for one common goal, to fight the Islamic Invasion of Europe.

This effort, which combines prayer and action, aims 1) to convince European governments to join in a Holy League and 2) to organize a united effort of public and private entities we call the Holy League of 2018 (Official Hashtag is #HolyLeague2018) to achieve this.

Organizations which are interested in joining this #HolyLeague2018 Alliance, should contact our offices.

For more information on this Holy Alliance, revisit this page in coming weeks.